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HVAC Distributors has partnered with SmartleadsUSA to provide lead generation programs specially designed and priced for our customers. Current programs include:

Radius Mail

Mail to the 50 closest neighbors around every job you complete!

  • Mail what you want, when you want, with very little lead time from your online portal!
  • Each piece is personalized with the recipient’s name, proven for better response rate.
  • Mail piece will have the street name of your last job, letting the homeowner know you are the preferred provider in the neighborhood.
  • Includes printing, postage, and the list of home owners around every job!
  • Neighboring homeowners have similar needs. You’ll get the right message into the right hands at the right time!

Click here to view sample mailers.

Existing Customers: Each time you would like us to send out mailers, please click here to login toto your personal online portal and provide the address(es) of your completed job(s).  For an instructional video on how to utilize the online portal, click here.


Direct Mail

Make contact with your prospective customers through direct mail advertising.

  • Pre-designed personalized mail pieces take the hassle out of creating your own design.
  • Effectively timed mailings are sent to highly targeted lists, so you can market to your ideal customer profile.
  • Postcards are specifically designed for you to support and enhance brand relationships.
  • Includes printing, postage, and mailing services.
  • Easily measure the results of your direct mail campaign through individualized tracking numbers (optional) and promotional offers.

Program Information

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Email marketing@hvacdist.com or view our Frequently Asked Questions.


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