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Amana S-Series Installation & Startup (Webinar)

Amana S-Series Installation & Startup (Webinar)


11/15/2023 - 11/16/2023    
7:00 am - 10:00 am

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This course covers products and technology, installation, and commissioning for the Amana S-Series units. Topics covered include nomenclatures, unit features, inverter technology and components, inverter benefits, some troubleshooting, compatibility, set-up, charge mode, start-up, and the required system test and configurations. Also covered are product information and installation procedures for the Amana S-Series indoor coils, and air handler.

Some rules apply to this training:

  1. Registration on our website is required
  2. Both days must be attended, attended fully, and attended consecutively (day 1 cannot be attended in January and day 2 in February, etc.)
  3. Attendees must use their full name on the Zoom meeting
  4. It is preferred that each individual take the training logged into their own device – if a company wishes to attend as a group we will need a full list of attendees beforehand, and they will need to keep their camera on throughout the training
  5. Chat access is required to take live quizzes.

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