Daikin VRV Commissioning – Virtual

Daikin VRV Commissioning – Virtual


10/26/2021 - 10/29/2021    
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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This course covers how to properly configure and commission the Daikin line of remote controllers, determine proper applications of the Daikin DIII-Net System Control as well as how to properly access, configure and commission the outdoor unit field settings Modes 1 and 2. Pre-commissioning and System Commissioning Steps will be covered as well as the proper usage of the software for proper commissioning of the Daikin VRV IV X System.

The course is a total of 16 hours (4 hours over 4 days).  Each student must enroll and complete all sessions/days, for each course, to get completion credit for the course.

To register for this class, sign into and launch Daikin University from the Training Center.

  • On the center of the Daikin Learning Portal’s Welcome page, hover over “Learning” at the top left of the page. When the menu appears, click on “Events Calendar.”
  • To view all available training, switch from “My Events” to “All Events.”
  • Location under Filters should be set at “All” or “Webinar”
  • This will provide you with a calendar view of all sessions.

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