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Laars MightyTherm LoNOx Parts Support Ending

Laars MightyTherm LoNOx Parts Support Ending

by HVAC Distributors

Laars recently issued Service Bulletin 15-2 regarding parts support for the MightyTherm line. Because the MightyTherm LoNOx line has been obsolete for 10 years, some key suppliers of components are no longer making parts for the LoNOx line. Inventory is limited and, once it’s gone, will no longer be available.

From Laars:

The Laars MightyTherm LoNOx line was removed from sale in 2005, and replaced by the Pennant line. Since that time, MightyTherm LoNOx parts have been available to support field repair needs.

However, the industry standard 10 year support is coming to an end, and some suppliers of key components have notified us [Laars] that they will no longer make these parts for us. Therefore, some parts will not be available after the current inventory is exhausted.

Burners for R0360400 (the 250-400 models) are already out of stock and no longer available. In some cases, if parts are no longer available, it may be necessary to replace the unit instead of repairing it.

As an HVAC Distributors customer, if you run into a Laars repair issue, call us at 800.228.4822. If parts are available, we will procure them for you. If they are not, we will help you determine an appropriate replacement for the unit.