HVAC Distributors’ Salesperson SPIFF Program

Custom Program For: Susquehanna Air Innovation

Program Dates: 5/1/2022 – 6/30/2022

SPIFF Submission Deadline: 7/24/2022

Qualifying Equipment:

Daikin Ductless 17 Series – $75
Daikin Ductless 19 Series – $125
Daikin Ductless Aurora – Single Zone Outdoor  –  $175
Daikin Ductless Aurora – Multi-Zone Outdoor  –  $200
Daikin Ductless Emura Outdoor – $150
Daikin Ductless LV 30/36  Outdoor –  $150
Daikin Ductless LV Series  –  $150
Daikin Ductless MXS Series Outdoor –  $175
Daikin Ductless C Series Indoor – $50
Daikin Ductless F Series Indoor – $75
Daikin Ductless Vista Series Outdoor – $150
Daikin Ductless NV Series Outdoor – $150
Complete the form below to submit your qualifying SPIFF purchases to HVAC Distributors. Required customer information fields are marked with a *.

Reminder: To receive a SPIFF payout, HVAC Distributors must have a W-9 on file for you. If you have not previously submitted a W-9, please click here for the form (PDF viewer required) and send the completed document to HVAC Distributors, ATTN: Accounts Payable, 2 Old Market Street, Mount Joy PA 17552.