Amana Goodman Warranty Guidelines


  • Registration must be done within 60 days of installation on the Goodman or Amana websites.
    • Equipment cannot be registered on Warranty Express.
    • HVAC Distributors personnel cannot register products on behalf of any dealer.
  • Failure to register within 60 days of installation will result in the loss of an additional 5 year parts and lifetime compressor/unit replacement.
  • To receive the lifetime unit replacement on Amana equipment that is 16 SEER and above, the outdoor unit must be matched with an indoor coil or air handler.
  • A registered unit is valid for the original homeowner. If equipment is transferred to another homeowner, the system reverts back to the original 5-year standard warranty. The extended registered coverage WILL NOT transfer to another owner.
  • 6-10 year limited parts warranties are available for single- and multi-family residences, as long as the equipment registration occurs within 60 days of the original registration date.


  • Extended Warranty Service Agreements are available for residential installations and new residential home construction.
  • Installation of equipment in business or commercial properties DOES NOT qualify for extended warranty plans.
  • Extended warranties can be purchased up to one year from the original date of installation.
  • Promotional prices are not available for Residential New Construction. Plans must be purchased at the full retail price.
    • The following units are not eligible for Extended Services Coverage:
    • VSX13 and VSZ13
    • GSC13 and GSH13
    • PTAC – no registration required
  • CPC/CPH/CPG Commercial Units Homeowner Warranty Certificates – regardless of what promotional plans are in effect, the homeowner certificate will show the Amana/Goodman base extended warranty plan code. This is a default mechanism.
  • HVAC Distributors personnel cannot purchase extended labor contracts on behalf of any dealer.


  • All claims must be entered within 45 days from the date of repair.
  • Parts credits are paid from HVAC directly; labor is paid from Goodman to customer by check.
  • Coil Claims:
  • Coils that start with 4 letters (i.e. CAPF, CHPF and CAUF) should be entered as a Unit Exchange under the ‘Warranty Claim Type’ at the beginning of the claim.
  • If there is an extended labor contract on the equipment, the labor box should be checked when filing the Unit Exchange.
  • When submitting coils with accessory parts, such as TXVs, driers, etc., submit them on a separate claim before claiming the coil exchange.
  • Coils that start with numbers (i.e. 0130) are entered in the parts section of the claim form.
  • Lifetime Unit Exchange:
    • Lifetime Unit Exchanges should be done through HVAC Distributors, NOT through Warranty Express.
    • To place a claim for a Lifetime Unit Exchange, please contact your inside sales representative.
  • Parts & Other Items: