HVAC Distributors Reclaim Program

Be Green and Turn Those Used Refrigerants Into Cash!

A convenient hassle-free return program designed for today’s busy HVACR Contractor.

You already recover used refrigerants from your customer’s systems. Now you can do something good for yourself and for the environment by returning your R-22 to HVAC Distributors for cash.

HVAC Distributors is an authorized refrigerant collection center. As you recover used refrigerants from your customers’ systems, you can return them to HVAC Distributors for both environmentally-friendly disposal and cash.

Here’s how the program works:

  1. Convenient Return. Return reclaimed refrigerant to any HVAC Distributors location — either by dropping off or calling to arrange a pick up (HVAC customers only).
  2. Fast Canister Turnaround. Purchase new refrigerant recycling tanks so you can keep reclaiming while you wait for your refrigerant to be tested and receive an instant credit for the returned tanks.
  3. Get Paid. As part of the HVAC Reclaim Program, you receive a credit on qualifying refrigerant you return as soon as it is processed by the reclaimer.*
  4. Stay Compliant. The reclaim program ensures that you are disposing of refrigerants in compliance with EPA regulation.

R-22 Program Details

Effective Date: 04/05/19

  • R-22 canisters > 99.5% purity = $1.50/lb rebate
  • Gas below 99.5% purity will receive no rebate.
  • Mixed gas/waste greater than 10% by volume will receive a charge back of $1/pound.
  • No charge for evacuation, recertification or pick-up

R-410A Program Details

Effective Date: 04/05/19

  • No rebates are paid on R-410A
  • $15 charge for evaculation and certification
  • No charge for pick-up

*Payment schedule subject to change. Credits will be issued after receipt of credit from our certified reclaim facility which determines the purity of the returned refrigerant. Credits are based upon net yield, which is the net amount of refrigerant after oil, water, and contaminants are removed.

To get started, simply bring your reclaimed refrigerant to any HVAC branch or call for pick up.