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About Us

HVAC is your chosen industry. (We only work with professional contractors.)

It’s ours, too.

As an HVAC professional, your business is more than just installing equipment. It’s:

  • Making sure that you received the products that you ordered on the agreed day/time
  • Making sure that you ordered the right products for your jobs
  • Finding the products that you need, somewhere, in stock
  • Researching the best HVAC solutions for your customers
  • Training your staff to be the best in your market
  • Understanding technical specifications and warranties for the products you install
  • Understanding how to use the free money available to you from manufacturers to improve your business (co-op, marketing funds etc)
  • Keeping steady work throughout the year, not just during peak seasons

What makes us different from other distributors is that we have invested in tools and people to help you successfully manage your business – the fulfillment, the training, the special programs – so you can be successful in your market.

Partners for Success Commitment

We are focused solely on the HVAC industry so we can be your Partner for Success. We aren’t successful unless you are seeing business success as well. The Partners for Success commitment model works so well that 8 out of 10 of our customers would refer us to a fellow contractor. Find out if our Partners for Success Commitment Model is a fit for you.


HVAC Distributors is a full-service wholesale distributor and manufacturers representative of residential and light commercial heating and air-conditioning equipment and accessories.

We serve the residential new construction, residential replacement and light commercial segments of the HVAC industry in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Northern Virginia and Western New York.

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We are partnered with industry groups that help us be the best Partner for Success that we can for our customers. To see the full list, click here.


HVAC Distributors has been in business for over 30 years. Over that time, we focus on changing the distributor model so it is easy for you to do business with us. To see what we’ve been up to since 1987, click here.

Mission Statement

HVAC Distributors will assure that our customers, vendors, team members, communities, and industry are better off from having partnered with us.

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Values Statement

As a company, and as individuals; we value accountability, continuous improvement, dependability, honesty, mutual respect, openness, personal excellence, and teamwork. We are committed to our partners and have a passion for delivering excellent customer service. We take on big challenges and pride ourselves on seeing them through. We hold ourselves accountable to our internal and external partners by honoring our commitments, delivering results and striving for outstanding quality.

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Employment Opportunities

Are you dedicated to customer service? Do you strive to be your customers’ preferred business partner? Do you love helping your customers excel at their business? If so, we are looking for you to join our team.  We were rated one of the Best Places To Work in PA in 2023.  Find out what our employees have to say about us.

Learn more about our Sales and Managerial Training Opportunities.

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Sales Terms & Conditions

Our terms for doing business with us as a distributor.