HVAC Distributors Warranty Process (Amana Goodman)

    1. Log in to Warranty Express.
    2. Follow all prompts and fill out all necessary fields to submit your claim. All required fields must be filled in.
    3. Once claim is submitted, please do not fax or email anything to HVAC, your claim is automatically sent to us.
    4. Hold defective item at your location during processing. HVAC will notify you in writing to either return or field scrap the part.*
    1. We will review your claim for accuracy, and contact you if more information is needed.
    2. HVAC will notify you whether part is required to be returned, or it can be field scrapped.
    3. If part is required to be returned:
      • HVAC will fax or email a Return Goods Slip to you to be returned with the part.
      • Please place a copy of this Return Goods Slip with the material to be returned in the Driver pick-up area of your warehouse. No returns come back without paperwork. Warranty returns can also be dropped off at any HVAC branch counter area.
      • Once part is received at HVAC, it is returned to the manufacturer for evaluation.
      • If manufacturer approves credit, a credit will be issued to your account. If manufacturer does not approve credit, you will be notified by HVAC that your return credit has been denied.
    4. If part is not required to be returned:
      • A credit will be issued with the comment “Field Scrap Part.” You can then dispose of the part. DO NOT dispose of part until credit is received with Field Scrap Part in the comments section.

*Daikin/Amana/Goodman charges freight for warranty parts and does not reimburse for this.

Need Help? Click here for videos to orient you to Warranty Express.

Still Have Questions? If you have further questions, email or contact us.