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Rooftop Delivery Policy

HVAC Distributors coordinates rooftop delivery for our customers. To coordinate a rooftop delivery, request the rooftop delivery during your order.

Following is HVAC Distributors’ Rooftop Delivery Policy.

This delivery policy applies to both vendor-direct and our truck or trailer deliveries.


  • Our quoted free freight allowed price will include 1.5 hours for a rooftop delivery. All other time will be billable
    at $50 per half hour.
  • If delivery is scheduled, changes to the delivery schedule are subject to availability. If changed within 12 hours of the original delivery time, the change will incur a $100 charge to compensate for the costs of loading and unloading your order.
  • If delivery is scheduled and our truck has left for the delivery and is required to turn around because of an order change, changes to your order will incur a $50 per half hour charge (minimum $100) to compensate for the costs of loading and unloading your order.
  • Old rooftop removal is available by request:
    • 1st Unit:
      • Coil Included = $150
      • Coil Removed = $200
    • Each Additional Unit:
      • Coil Included = $50
      • Coil Removed = $100

Please Note: We will allow 1 half hour extra for rooftop removal when scheduled.

Delivery Process
Delivery time will start at the later of these 2 events:

  1. The arrival time of the product on a truck or trailer; or
  2. The pre-scheduled delivery time

The driver will log his start and finish times.

If necessary, charges will be billed to the customer and will referenceĀ the job name. If we deliver the products, the charges will be within 2 days of delivery. If it is a vendor direct shipment, charges may not appear for up to 2 months.

Helpful Hints to Avoid Extra Delivery Charges:

  • Schedule equipment delivery later than the crane arrival. The crane needs time to set-up and get in place.
  • Make sure all of your Field Service people are aware of the policy and charges.
  • Crane or forklift delays will cause delivery delays, which will be billable. Make sure you document these
    so you can pass on the charges to the crane company.
  • A crane or forklift can unload the new units and place them on the ground in designated areas to be put on the
    roof later.
  • A crane can unload the new units and place on the roof on wood planks to place later.