emPOWER Maryland Rebate Submission

This page is for the submission of emPOWER rebates related to BGE, PEPCO, and Delmarva Power (DPL) only.

This program is available to HVAC Distributors contractor customers only for equipment installed within the BGE, PEPCO or Delmarva Power (DPL) service area.

BGE Claims Update:
Starting January 1, 2021, BGE rebate claims will be moving to a different platform and furnaces will no longer be part of the program. Click here for details.

Equipment TypeEfficiency LevelRebate†
Ductless Heat Pump - Multi Zone> 15.5 SEER and > 12.5 EER and > 8.6 HSPF$400
Ductless Heat Pump - Single Zone> 18 SEER and > 12.5 EER and > 9.0 HSPF$250
Central Air Conditioner (Tier 1)> 16 SEER and > 13 EER $300
Central Air Conditioner (Tier 2)> 18 SEER and > 13 EER$500
Air Source Heat Pump (Tier 1)> 16 SEER and > 13 EER and > 9.0 HSPF$400
Air Source Heat Pump (Tier 2)> 18 SEER and > 13 EER and > 9.5 HSPF$650

†HVAC Distributors may retain up to $50 of the rebate amount as a processing fee.

To submit your contractor rebate, complete the form below.

Please Note: Each measure requires a separate form.  For example, if you have a Central Air Conditioner and a qualifying Furnace/ECM, you must complete one form for the Central Air Conditioner and include the AHRI for the whole system including the furnace.  A separate form must then be completed for the Furnace/ECM including the AHRI for the Furnace/ECM.