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Ductless Tools to Save You Time (Ductless Days of Summer 2)

Last year, we provided a round up of HVAC Distributors new tools to help you with ductless installations. We have some new tools to add to the list to help you with ductless installations to save time, reduce call backs... Read More

Ductless Days of Summer Checklist

As the season gets hectic, we want to make sure that you have everything you need to save time and increase customer satisfaction with your ductless jobs. Below is a handy checklist of ductless accessories & add-ons available through HVAC Distributors.... Read More

HVAC Distributors Now Stocks Self-Regulating Freeze Protection Cable

[caption id="attachment_3595" align="alignleft" width="300"] Diversitech's self-regulating freeze protection cable warms condensate lines to prevent freezing without the risk of melting PVC tubing.[/caption] HVAC Distributors now stocks Diversitech's self-regulating freeze protection cable. Self-regulating freeze protection has several benefits over traditional constant... Read More

HVAC Distributors Now Carries Diversitech UltraLite Ductless Pads

HVAC Distributors now carries Diversitech's UltraLite® Lightweight Concrete Equipment Pads for ductless outdoor units. This 2" pad is made of fiber-reinforced cement. It is designed to flex, instead of crack or break, under the weight of the outdoor unit. The pad's... Read More