Amana® Brand Smart Thermostat OTA Software Update 3.2.21

Amana® Brand Smart Thermostat OTA Software Update 3.2.21

by HVAC Distributors

Amana Brand has released a new software update 3.2.21 on Smart Thermostat OTA (Over-The Air).

From Amana:

The OTA update will be released August 24, 2023. It will be pushed to all Wi-Fi connected Amana brand smart thermostats as of the release date. The Amana home app will also be updated to support new features.

See below for details:

Dual Fuel Lockout Changes for Comfort vs. Efficiency:

Dual fuel unitary systems had a comfort feature allowing the gas furnace to take over from heat pumps, regardless of the balance point setting, if the heat pump was unable to meet the heating demand. While desirable from a comfort standpoint, this feature did not consider energy efficiency. With the new software update from Amana brand, the dealer or homeowner will have a choice to optimize heating options for either comfort or efficiency on Amana brand smart thermostats.

Quiet Mode Access Change:

“Quiet Mode” settings will remain in the dealer set up menu for Amana brand smart thermostats, but installation technicians will now have the option to remove this option from the homeowner menu if desired or required. This will prevent the homeowner from turning off “Quiet Mode,” as required by some local codes.

“Restart Thermostat” Added to Wi-Fi Screen:

The option to “restart thermostat” has now been added to the Wi-Fi screen for the consumers’ convenience. Other general bug fixes and improvements have also been made.

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