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New ClimateMaster Product Improvements

ClimateMaster has announced two updates to its' geothermal product offering. Update #1: Improved Cabinet Dimensions for Tranquility® 22 Digital (TZ) The Tranquility® 22 Digital (TZ) is optimized for space limited applications and offers a good balance between price and efficiency.... Read More

Daikin Rolls Out New SplitXpress Features

Daikin has announced the addition of several valuable new features to the web and mobile SplitXpress apps. The new features are designed to enhance the equipment selection process and add value to the quote and report outputs generated by SplitXpress.... Read More

New Features On CAPFA and CAUFA A-Width Coils

Goodman has announced some new features on all 17" (A-width) CAPFA and CAUFA (7mm tube size) evaporator coil models. The revised A-width models contain a newly designed drain pan that makes it easy to install with any Amana or Goodman... Read More

Reznor Makes Upgrades To Unit Heater Line

Reznor has recently made some upgrades to its unit heater line.  The changes relate to improved service features and aesthetics and include the following: Hinged service door with quarter turn latch- Door attached to the chassis to prevent door drops... Read More

Nest E Thermostat Now Pro Exclusive

The Nest Thermostat E has transitioned to a Pro-exclusive product and will no longer be available via retail, including the Google Store. Like the Nest  Learning Thermostat, the Nest Thermostat E is fast and easy to install. It has proven... Read More

AVXC20 Air Conditioner and AVZC20 Heat Pump Inverter Software Enhancements and 5-Ton Heat Pump Capacity Increase

Goodman has announced software enhancements for the AVXC20 and AVZC20, 20+ SEER air conditioner and heat pump inverter family (Bulletin A-PC-SP-1994). From Goodman: Compared to the current models, these software enhancements provide improved dehumidification, decreased start-up defrost time, and increased... Read More

Daikin Releases New 19 Series Cooling Only Wall-Mounted Single-Zone Systems

Daikin has launched  the new 19 Series cooling only wall-mounted single-zone systems. The launch consists of both new indoor and outdoor models available in four sizes ranging from 9,000 to 24,000 BTU. The new 19 Series provides a modern designed... Read More

HVAC Distributors Now Stocking ATCO Flex Duct

HVAC Distributors is transitioning its inventory of Hart & Cooley flex duct and insulating sleeves to ATCO products.  ATCO is the worldwide leader in flexible duct and will enable us to provide customers with improved lead times and shorter freight... Read More

Nu-Calgon’s New Clean Connect System Saves Time & Money

Nu-Calgon has revised the packaging of its popular coil cleaning chemicals - Nu-Brite and Tri-Pow'r HD - to help you save space in your truck and minimize waste on the job. The new packaging - 4x - is a 4-times... Read More

Thermo Pride Oil Furnaces Now Available at HVAC Distributors

HVAC Distributors now carries Thermo Pride's complete line of Oil Furnace products. Thermo Pride made a recent move to a distribution sales model for these furnaces, and HVAC Distributors was selected as a distributor partner in New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware,... Read More

CAPFA Cased Coil Lineup Expands To 3 Tons

Goodman has announced an expansion to the CAPFA cased coil lineup, known as the AlumaFin7. In addition to the 1.5 ton coils that were launched in 2018, the coils now range up to 3 tons. The CAPFA has a number... Read More

ComfortBridge™ Communicating Control System Added To Amana & Goodman 80% Furnaces

Goodman Manufacturing has announced the next phase in the roll out of ComfortBridge -equipped furnaces.  The new board-based communication platform has now been added to AMVC, GMVC, ACVC and GCVC8 80% variable speed, ECM-based 2-stage gas furnace models. The equipment... Read More

New DX11/DZ11 Daikin Light Commercial Models Available

Daikin has recently updated the DX11/DZ11 units to meet new performance standards.  These are large 7.5 and 10 ton split systems used in small commercial buildings, churches, schools, and for specific industrial solutions. These replace the older models that were... Read More

ComfortBridge: Amana & Goodman’s New Communicating Interface for Equipment

Goodman Manufacturing has announced the next phase of its communicating equipment interface: ComfortBridge™. This technology will replace the current ComfortNet™ communicating thermostat. What is ComfortBridge? ComfortBridge is a board-based communication platform (versus the thermostat-based ComfortNet technology). It uses Bluetooth® technology... Read More

Flashshield Arc-Resistant CSST Available at HVAC Distributors

One of the biggest concerns with installing gas furnaces is ensuring that the gas connections are not a fire hazard.  Two common causes of potential fires are lightning strikes (common within the HVAC footprint in Maryland and Pennsylvania) and power... Read More

Ductless Tools to Save You Time (Ductless Days of Summer 2)

Last year, we provided a round up of HVAC Distributors new tools to help you with ductless installations. We have some new tools to add to the list to help you with ductless installations to save time, reduce call backs... Read More

Amana® Products Now Have Premium Product Packaging

To better differentiate its Amana brand, Goodman Manufacturing has introduced premium product packaging on all Amana brand high efficiency equipment: condensing units, heat pumps, furnaces, and air handlers. The packaging enhancements are designed to better protect products in transit and... Read More

ComfortNet CTK04 Now Includes Voice Control

Consumers are increasingly looking for ways to connect their lives and homes. Goodman has recognized this trend and has updated the ComfortNet CTK04 to include voice controls. When you install a CTK04 and connect it to the Honeywell Residential Internet... Read More

Rinnai On-Demand Water Heaters Now Vent with PVC

HVAC Distributors stocks Rinnai's Ultra Series models, which can be vented with either PVC or CPVC. Previously, Rinnai product could only be vented with polypropylene piping. Additionally, Rinnai has expanded its Ultra Series line with lower BTU options for single family and... Read More

Last Call for 13 SEER Package Rooftop Units

Due to DOE Federal regulatory requirements, manufacturers must end production  of 13 SEER packaged rooftop products by December 31, 2016. This change affects both Fraser-Johnston and Daikin rooftop units sold through HVAC Distributors & HVAC Commercial Solutions. In preparation, manufacturers are... Read More

Goodman Manufacturing Increases ENERGY STAR Certified Products

Goodman Manufacturing recently announced its continued and expanded participation in U.S. EPA's ENERGY STAR program. ENERGY STAR is frequently a shorthand criteria for federal, regional and local energy rebates, and this increased participation will make it easier for you to... Read More

Ductless Days of Summer Checklist

As the season gets hectic, we want to make sure that you have everything you need to save time and increase customer satisfaction with your ductless jobs. Below is a handy checklist of ductless accessories & add-ons available through HVAC Distributors.... Read More

Hidden Features of Ultravation UV Products

Ultravation prides itself on being a contractor-friendly manufacturer. To that end, Ultravation provides several common features on its products designed to make your life as a contractor/installer easier. How many of these features did you know about? Lamp Out Alarm. A... Read More

Daikin LV Series and Quaternity Ductless Products Receive ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2016 Recognition

Daikin has announced that Daikin LV Series and Quaternity models are now qualified for the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2016 Recognition Criteria. The models below and their ratings are listed on the Consortium for Energy Efficiency’s (CEE) Directory of Efficient Equipment at There... Read More

Nest Introduces 2 New Product Features for Smart Home Line

Nest Labs announced updates to its Nest Smart Home line of products: Family Accounts and Home/Away Assist. These updates are retroactive to currently installed product. For complete information from Nest on these new features, click here. These home automation features, which... Read More

Improved SPM Dual Port Manometer Now at HVAC Distributors

[caption id="attachment_3459" align="alignleft" width="214"] SPM-K1 Dual Port Manometer Kit[/caption] By popular demand, AAB Smart Tools' SPM-100 and probes are now a convenient kit. The new kit also includes a brass barbed fitting for taking gas measurements. The app has also... Read More

Contractor Feedback Improves Honeywell Actuator Design on Dampers

Based on contractor feedback, Honeywell zoning dampers now come pre-installed with its improved actuator design. These new dampers, the TrueZONE™ series, are available at all HVAC Distributors locations, by phone order, and for order through Web Order Entry. [caption id="attachment_3492"... Read More

GSC and GSH Dry Charge Units Discontinued by Goodman

Goodman Manufacturing has discontinued the production of GSC and GSH dry charge units and no longer has product available for purchase. HVAC Distributors has limited inventory of dry charge units available for purchase. If you have an R-22 replacement job,... Read More

Goodman Announces New Location of Furnace Rating Label & Serial Number on 34.5″ Furnaces

[caption id="attachment_205" align="alignleft" width="220"] Updated 34.5" Blower Door Serial Number & Rating Info Location[/caption] Goodman Manufacturing recently issued Service Bulletin SF-063 to remind contractors that the furnace rating label for the 34.5” chassis furnaces, which contains the furnace serial number, is located on the... Read More

Dunkirk and Pennco Boilers Now Available in HVAC Distributors East Region

HVAC Distributors now offers select residential Dunkirk and Pennco boiler models in its East Region (Eastern PA, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia). The selection was made in keeping with HVAC Distributors' "Partners in Success" promise of providing contractors with quality equipment that... Read More

Goodman Manufacturing Introduces U.S. Alumacoil as Coil and Air Handler Manufacturer

Goodman Manufacturing issued Product Marketing News (PMN) C-GN-OT-972 announcing that safety and rating plates on common coils and air handlers will list U.S. Alumacoil™ as the manufacturer, starting with units produced August 2015. U.S. Alumacoil is a registered business name (D/B/A) for Goodman Manufacturing... Read More

Honeywell Product Updates VisionPRO Thermostat Line

Honeywell has announced updates to its VisionPRO thermostat line-up for Summer 2015. In response to contractor feedback, the wi-fi version of the 8000 is enhanced to be more user-friendly for both technicians in the field and homeowners. All versions of the VisionPRO... Read More

Updated LG Duct-Free Presentations & Guide Specs

LG recently issued Bulletin #101614A with updates to Duct-Free Split Single Zone and Multi-Zone presentations and guide specification files. (more…) Read More

New Amana Goodman Gas Furnace Line-Up Announced

We are pleased to announce that effective this fall, Amana/Goodman will be introducing a revised 90%+ Gas Furnace line-up. The new line-up has higher efficiency and greater installation flexibility (think smaller & 3-position installation). Read more for the full details! (more…) Read More