Amana® S-Series and Goodman SD Software Update

Amana® S-Series and Goodman SD Software Update

by HVAC Distributors

On June 27, 2024, Daikin released Technical Service Bulletin C-GN-SP-0049 REV1 regarding a printed circuit boards (PCBs) software update for certain Amana® S-Series and Goodman SD heat pump outdoor models as identified in Table 1.

As this bulletin has gone through the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and you may be seeing it from other channels, we here at HVAC Distributors are summarizing the issue for our customers:

The Issue:

On the side-discharge, small-chassis (1½ thru 3 ton non-enhanced, 2 ton enhanced), Heat Pump models, a very specific set of circumstances can cause the unit to operate in heating mode when it is set for cooling. In order for this to occur, the HP would have to be running in cooling and experience a momentary power interruption. In this scenario there is a chance the reversing valve could default to the “heating” position, but continue to run as if it were cooling. Obviously, this would cause a rise in space temperature, which would keep the system running as it thinks it is cooling.

This is why it has gone through the CPSC – the possibility of overheating the space could be dangerous to some people.

The Resolution:

A software update allowing the PCB to verify mode has been released to address the issue. This update has been programmed onto both the service and line-installed boards as per the serials in the TSB. Installed equipment is addressed via an OTA update. This update will automatically be applied to any affected system where the communicating thermostat is connected to Wi-Fi. In the event a thermostat is not connected to Wi-Fi, it can be temporally connected (even through a mobile hotspot) and an update can be forced as per instructions in the TSB. Please note – OTA updates do not permanently write the program to the PCB, but give control to the communicating thermostat. If the thermostat is replaced in the future, you must make certain it is updated to the latest firmware.


Click here for full details regarding the Amana® S-Series, and Goodman SD Software Update.

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