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NATE Partners with Interplay Learning to Launch New Online Training Platform

NATE Partners with Interplay Learning to Launch New Online Training Platform

by HVAC Distributors

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) has announced a partnership with Interplay Learning to launch a new online training platform for HVACR techs, NATE Training Academy.

NATE Training Academy is designed to provide technicians a way to train for NATE certification exams online at their own pace. The comprehensive online courses are all available on-demand and can be taken at any time. The interactive and immersive online courses powered by Interplay Learning’s leading skilled trades training platform include “field-like” 3D and VR simulations, videos, and knowledge checks.

NATE Training Academy currently includes courses to prepare technicians for NATE’s Certified HVAC Professional (CHP-5) certification exams. The CHP-5 is a NATE certification pathway where technicians can earn their NATE certification through a series of five 30-question exams, each on a different subject domain. NATE Training Academy’s CHP-5 courses cover each exam subject area: HVAC Fundamentals, Electrical and Controls, Comfort and Airflow, Installation, and Service.

NATE and Interplay Learning plan to continue adding courses to help technicians prepare for other certification exams. In the future, NATE Training Academy will introduce courses to prepare users for NATE’s Low-GWP refrigerant certification.

NATE COO John Lanier explained the launch of the new online training platform is a part of an overall strategy change in the way NATE supports HVACR technicians. “In addition to certifying technicians and recognizing their excellence within the industry, we also want to help them get there, so we have shifted our model to create this training package for technicians.”

“We’re very excited for our partnership with Interplay Learning” said John Lanier. “Interplay is a recognized training provider that has registered its courses with NATE in the past. Many of our industry partners enjoy having their technicians and trainers use the training that Interplay creates, and we have received great feedback from technicians, contractors, and manufacturers that have used Interplay Learning’s courses.”

“The development of the new NATE Training Academy is a critical initiative that will actively address the shortage of skilled labor and help close the skills gap in the HVAC industry,” said Doug Donovan, CEO of Interplay Learning.“Interplay’s job-relevant virtual technical training directly aligns with NATE’s goals and we’re pleased to contribute to that effort. At Interplay, we work everyday to make better careers and better lives for our customers, and this partnership is directly in line with our mission.”

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