New AMST Air Handler

New AMST Air Handler

by HVAC Distributors

As part of the continuing effort to prepare for the January 2023 efficiency upgrade, Goodman Manufacturing is introducing a new multi-position air handler, the AMST.  This will replace both the ARUF and the ASPT air handlers.

What’s Changed:

  • This meets the requirements of the 2023 DOE regulation change.
  • The AMST has a factory-installed TXV, like the ASPT (has TXV), but not like the ARUF (has piston).
  • The multi-speed blower motor is a 9-speed ECM motor, providing more adjustability, just like the current “9-Tap” furnaces.
  • The blower housing has been redesigned for lower static pressure.
  • The evaporator coil fins are coated as standard with a hydrophilic coating to improve water drainage, corrosion resistance, reduce static pressure, and improve dehumidification.

AHRI Matches:

  • These will be rated to the new SEER2 ratings.
  • At this time some matches are available in the AHRI Directory.


Goodman is introducing the AMST now to provide air handler rated matchups for the new ASXH5, GSXH5, ASZH5, and GSZH5.  HVAC Distributors plans to stock the ARUF and ASPT through the end of the year so that we have matches for existing outdoor units (ASX13/14/16, GSX13/14/16 and ASZ/GSZ).

New AMST Air Handler Table List















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