New Santa Fe Oasis105 Dehumidifier

New Santa Fe Oasis105 Dehumidifier

by HVAC Distributors

Therma-Stor has introduced a new dehumidifier, the Santa Fe Oasis105, a new 105 pints/day unit.  This replaces the Advance90 unit.

Features & BenefitsSanta Fe Dehumidifier

  • Functions in a range of applications:
    • In a crawlspace (up to 3,300 sqft)
    • As a standalone basement unit (up to 2,600 sqft)
    • As a ducted whole home unit (up to 2,600 sqft)
  • New control board for easier installation and easier homeowner control.
  • Integrated secondary drain pan with dedicated port for a standard thread-in float switch
  • Includes MERV13 filter for IAQ improvement and equipment protection
  • Multi-speed blower to allow for different applications
  • Positive pressure design, eliminating the need for a drain trap
  • 6 Year Warranty
  • Compact – only 24” wide x 14-1/2” high x 16” deep
  • Includes adjustable leveling feet


Duct KitSanta Fe Advance90 Dehumidifier | Powerful | Santa Fe Dehumidifier

  • Contains both the supply duct adaptor (mounts on the discharge on the back) and the return duct adaptor (mounts on the intake at front)
  • Both the supply and return sizes are 10” diameter and accept standard flex duct
  • Used in whole home installations or in crawlspaces that require some duct to distribute the dehumidified air throughout the crawlspace
  • It can also be used in a basement application where the dehumidifier is installed in an unfinished space and you want to discharge the dehumidified
    air into a finished space

Hanging KitSanta Fe Hanging Kit for Overhead Mount | Crawl Space Repair Product | The Crawlspace Supply Company — The Crawlspace Supply Company

  • The addition of the integral secondary drain pan makes it easier to hang the unit. The brackets in the kit attach directly to the underside of the secondary drain pan, and provide solid attachment points for cables

Safety Float Switch

  • Built-in secondary drain pan has a ¾” threaded opening to take a compact flow switch that has a ¾” male threaded fitting
  • Rectorseal SS2 - Safe-T-Switch - Jackson SystemsThe opening is located just a few inches from where it wires to the control panel
  • This is not a proprietary part, and there are multiple float switches available
    • Rectorseal SS2 Safe-T-Switch (right)
    • EZ Trap EZT-224
  • Putting in float switch protection is easy
    • Integrated secondary drain pan + thread-in float switch + control panel within easy reach for the wiring

Replacement Filter

  • With the new higher MERV filters, the systems run more reliably, but the higher MERV means they load faster. It’s a good idea to leave an extra filter with the homeowner, in case they need to change it out sooner than the dealer’s annual maintenance.

Product Resources

Therma-Stor products, including the Oasis105 are available at any of our HVAC Distributors locations and can be ordered by phone or through Web Order Entry.