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New Goodman/Amana Inverter PCB Kit Numbers

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SR-083 in reference to new inverter PCB Kit numbers. From Goodman: Update July, 22 2021: Revised Table 1 to correct Tonnage to New PCB Kit (SR-083 Rev. 1) All new Inverter PCB kits provided through... Read More

AVXC20 Air Conditioner and AVZC20 Heat Pump Inverter Software Enhancements and 5-Ton Heat Pump Capacity Increase

Goodman has announced software enhancements for the AVXC20 and AVZC20, 20+ SEER air conditioner and heat pump inverter family (Bulletin A-PC-SP-1994). From Goodman: Compared to the current models, these software enhancements provide improved dehumidification, decreased start-up defrost time, and increased... Read More

Amana Inverter Outdoor Units Reporting b0 Error

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SR–080 regarding Amana inverter outdoor units reporting a false b0 error code. From Goodman: 20 SEER Inverter outdoor units may report a false b0 error code in cooling mode when paired with ComfortBridge™ indoor equipment.... Read More

Defrost Timer Change on AVZC18/20 SEER Inverter Heat Pump Units

Goodman released Service Bulletin SR-072, regarding a software change on AVZC18 and AVZC20 Inverter Heat Pump units: This bulletin is to inform you of a software change made to the Inverter Heat Pump models listed above. For units with a... Read More

Update: Amana 18 SEER Inverter Heat Pump Now In Stock!

Goodman Manufacturing announced a new 18 SEER inverter heat pump, with ratings of up to 19 SEER and 13 EER. The heat pump will be sold in 4 sizes: 2, 3, 4, and 5 ton. Because of the true inverter motor,... Read More

Amana Inverter Heat Pumps Now at HVAC Distributors Amana has introduced at 20 SEER inverter heat pump to expand its inverter product offering. Inverter-certified customers are able to order the inverter heat pump from any HVAC Distributors location, through Web Order Entry or by calling 800.228.4822. The... Read More