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Amana Inverter Outdoor Units Reporting b0 Error

Amana Inverter Outdoor Units Reporting b0 Error

by HVAC Distributors

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SR–080 regarding Amana inverter outdoor units reporting a false b0 error code.

From Goodman:

20 SEER Inverter outdoor units may report a false b0 error code in cooling mode when paired with ComfortBridge™ indoor equipment. The error may occur when the cooling blower on delay is manually adjusted to values greater than 5 seconds.

This error may be generated when the indoor unit blower is running, and the compressor may turn off. The compressor will restart after approximately 5 minutes. When using the factory default settings, the b0 error code will not occur.

If the default settings have been adjusted and the b0 error code is present, adjusting the cooling blower on delay to 5 seconds will correct the error. The cooling blower on delay can be adjusted using the CoolCloud™ HVAC App (preferred) or the push buttons on the ComfortBridge indoor unit control board (see indoor equipment Installation & Operation instructions for push button adjustments).

CoolCloud HVAC Mobile App InterfaceAffected Inverter Models:

  • AVXC20
  • AVZC20

Using the CoolCloud HVAC App to adjust the setting:

  1. Open the CoolCloud HVAC App
  2. Select Device Settings
  3. Scroll down to Blower on Delay – Cooling
  4. View the current Blower on Delay – Cooling value
  5. If the value is not set on the default setting of 5 seconds change it back to the 5 second default to correct the b0 error.

If you have questions about this bulletin, HVAC Distributors customers can reach out to our Technical Service department at 800.228.4822 x5.