AlumaFin7 “A” Cabinet Coil Drain Blocking Flue on 80% “A” Cabinet Furnace

AlumaFin7 “A” Cabinet Coil Drain Blocking Flue on 80% “A” Cabinet Furnace

by HVAC Distributors

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SR – 077 Rev. 1 regarding a clearance issue with the AlumaFin7 “A” width coils when matched with 80% furnaces.

From Goodman:

The AlumaFin7 “A” width cased and uncased A-Coil have a clearance issue with the flue when matched with the 80% “A” width furnaces (i.e. GMES800403AN). There is no clearance issue when the AlumaFin7 “A” width coil is matched with an “A” width 90% furnace. When installing a 14” width AlumaFin7 evaporator coil and an 80% AFUE furnace, please consider bending the flue side flange up and slide the coil back until it makes contact with the flange. The coil will overhang the backside of the furnace 3/8”-1/2” but will not allow air loss when sealed properly. See images below.

Note there is insufficient clearance for a secondary drain connection, please see the IOG-4010B for secondary drain terminations.

Affected Models AlumaFin7 “A” Cabinet

Other options include;

  1. Using a “B” width A-Coil with the coil installed centered on the furnace, be sure to include a secondary cutoff switch.
  2. Use the previous 3/8” A-Coils that have the drain connections on the right-hand side.
  3. If option 1 or 2 is not applicable utilize a brass or copper street 90.

Rev. 1 Update

In the event options 1 – 3 listed above cannot be achieved, we have released a kit that moves the flue pipe away from the drain connector.

Kit Part #0121K00027

This kit will include a 3-inch vent termination adapter and a 3” to 4” transition. Shown below is an example of what this kit will look like when installed.









If you have questions about this bulletin, HVAC Distributors customers can reach out to our Technical Service department at 800.228.4822 x5.