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Tag: ComfortBridge

ComfortBridge™ Air Handlers Locking Out Heat Operation

Goodman has released Technical Services Bulletin SR-082 regarding select ComfortBridge air handlers locking out heat operation. From Goodman: ComfortBridge air handlers listed in the table (right) with a serial number of prefixes 2010 through 2104 may fail to energize electric... Read More

OTA Update for ComfortBridge™ Furnaces when Paired with 20 SEER Inverter AC’s or HP’s

Goodman has released Technical Services Bulletin SR-089 regarding an OTA (Over the Air) update for ComfortBridge™ furnaces when paired with 20 SEER inverter air conditioners or heat pumps. From Goodman: ComfortBridge control platform furnaces will have the new advanced feature... Read More

Amana Inverter Outdoor Units Reporting b0 Error

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SR–080 regarding Amana inverter outdoor units reporting a false b0 error code. From Goodman: 20 SEER Inverter outdoor units may report a false b0 error code in cooling mode when paired with ComfortBridge™ indoor equipment.... Read More

Low Voltage Board Connectors on Communicating Condensing Units

Goodman has released a revision to Service Bulletin SF-036 concerning low voltage board connectors on communicating condensing units. From Goodman: The communicating controls in Goodman’s Furnaces, Split Condensers, Heat Pumps and Air Handlers are shipped with the required Phoenix connectors... Read More

CoolCloud HVAC™ App Login When Out of Cellular/Wi-Fi Range

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SF-085 regarding using the CoolCloud HVAC™ app when you are out of cellular/Wi-Fi range. From Goodman: From time to time, technicians may lack the ability to login to the CoolCloud HVAC app preventing direct connectivity... Read More

ComfortBridge™ Furnace Firmware Update for Dual Fuel Applications

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SR – 084 regarding ComfortBridge furnaces in dual fuel applications not locking out compressor operation when the outdoor operation is below 0°F. From Goodman: 80% and 90% ComfortBridge furnaces when matched with communicating heat pumps in a... Read More

ComfortBridge™ Communicating Control System Added To Amana & Goodman 80% Furnaces

Goodman Manufacturing has announced the next phase in the roll out of ComfortBridge -equipped furnaces.  The new board-based communication platform has now been added to AMVC, GMVC, ACVC and GCVC8 80% variable speed, ECM-based 2-stage gas furnace models. The equipment... Read More

Goodman Releases CoolCloudHVAC™ Technical Guide for Furnaces and Air Handlers with ComfortBridge™ Control Platform

With the introduction of the ComfortBridge™ control platform for furnaces and air handlers, Goodman has released this Technical Support Guide for the CoolCloudHVAC™ app developed for the installer and service technician. This Technical Guide should be used in conjunction with... Read More

ComfortBridge™ Control System Furnace Non-Communicating Setup Using PCB Pushbuttons

Goodman has released updated Service Bulletin SF-078 REV1 containing instructions on setting up a new ComfortBridge™ control system furnace with a non-communicating outdoor unit. (For Goodman's announcement on the ComfortBridge system, click here.) From Goodman: UPDATE July 2019: SF-078 REV1... Read More

ComfortBridge: Amana & Goodman’s New Communicating Interface for Equipment

Goodman Manufacturing has announced the next phase of its communicating equipment interface: ComfortBridge™. This technology will replace the current ComfortNet™ communicating thermostat. What is ComfortBridge? ComfortBridge is a board-based communication platform (versus the thermostat-based ComfortNet technology). It uses Bluetooth® technology... Read More