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Amana Inverter Outdoor Units Reporting b0 Error

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SR–080 regarding Amana inverter outdoor units reporting a false b0 error code. From Goodman: 20 SEER Inverter outdoor units may report a false b0 error code in cooling mode when paired with ComfortBridge™ indoor equipment.... Read More

Low Voltage Board Connectors on Communicating Condensing Units

Goodman has released a revision to Service Bulletin SF-036 concerning low voltage board connectors on communicating condensing units. From Goodman: The communicating controls in Goodman’s Furnaces, Split Condensers, Heat Pumps and Air Handlers are shipped with the required Phoenix connectors... Read More

CoolCloud HVAC™ App Login When Out of Cellular/Wi-Fi Range

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SF-085 regarding using the CoolCloud HVAC™ app when you are out of cellular/Wi-Fi range. From Goodman: From time to time, technicians may lack the ability to login to the CoolCloud HVAC app preventing direct connectivity... Read More

ComfortBridge™ Furnace Firmware Update for Dual Fuel Applications

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SR – 084 regarding ComfortBridge furnaces in dual fuel applications not locking out compressor operation when the outdoor operation is below 0°F. From Goodman: 80% and 90% ComfortBridge furnaces when matched with communicating heat pumps in a... Read More

ComfortBridge™ Communicating Control System Added To Amana & Goodman 80% Furnaces

Goodman Manufacturing has announced the next phase in the roll out of ComfortBridge -equipped furnaces.  The new board-based communication platform has now been added to AMVC, GMVC, ACVC and GCVC8 80% variable speed, ECM-based 2-stage gas furnace models. The equipment... Read More

Goodman Releases CoolCloudHVAC™ Technical Guide for Furnaces and Air Handlers with ComfortBridge™ Control Platform

With the introduction of the ComfortBridge™ control platform for furnaces and air handlers, Goodman has released this Technical Support Guide for the CoolCloudHVAC™ app developed for the installer and service technician. This Technical Guide should be used in conjunction with... Read More

ComfortBridge™ Control System Furnace Non-Communicating Setup Using PCB Pushbuttons

Goodman has released updated Service Bulletin SF-078 REV1 containing instructions on setting up a new ComfortBridge™ control system furnace with a non-communicating outdoor unit. (For Goodman's announcement on the ComfortBridge system, click here.) From Goodman: UPDATE July 2019: SF-078 REV1... Read More

ComfortBridge: Amana & Goodman’s New Communicating Interface for Equipment

Goodman Manufacturing has announced the next phase of its communicating equipment interface: ComfortBridge™. This technology will replace the current ComfortNet™ communicating thermostat. What is ComfortBridge? ComfortBridge is a board-based communication platform (versus the thermostat-based ComfortNet technology). It uses Bluetooth® technology... Read More