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Amana Smart Thermostat Extended Warranty Registration

Amana Smart Thermostat Extended Warranty Registration

by HVAC Distributors

Daikin has introduced an optional extended warranty for the Amana Smart Thermostat (ATST-CWE-BL-A).  This thermostat already includes a 5-Year defects warranty, however, if the dealer registers the thermostat as an individual item in Warranty Express, they can extend the warranty to 12 years. This is an opportunity to offer an extended warranty to homeowners at no extra cost to the dealer.

How To Register The Warranty

Amana Thermostat

  • Locate the Serial Number on the box the thermostat came in (it is printed on the back of the box, right under the model number).
  • Register the thermostat at the same time you register the equipment warranty in Warranty Express.

Need help?  HVAC Distributors customers can contact our Warranty Department for assistance.