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Aprilaire E-Series Dehumidifiers To Replace 1800 Series

Aprilaire E-Series Dehumidifiers To Replace 1800 Series

by HVAC Distributors

Research Products (manufacturer of Aprilaire products) has announced a new line of Aprilaire dehumidifiers, the E-Series, to replace the 1800 Series.

Aprilaire Dehumidifiers AMZ Main 1850What’s Changed:

  • Increased capacity
    • The 70 Pint per Day (PPD) model 1830 upgrades to the 80 PPD E080.
    • The 95 PPD model 1850 upgrades to the 100 PPD E100.
  • The new E080, E100 and E130 are all certified Energy Star Most Efficient 2021
  • Broader spread of product
    • More hardwire options (the “H” on the end denotes hardwire)
    • New model specifically for fresh air ventilation (the E100V), with a fresh air vent kit to match (8190FF).

Updated part numbers will reflect each unit’s capacity for more effective application sizing.  Models with “C” have casters while models with “H” are hardwired.

Aprilaire E-Series Dehumidifiers updated models list

Product Availability

Research Products will be doing a ship-to-completion transition and will begin shipping the new models when 1800 Series inventory is depleted.

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