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Be Aware of Counterfeit Refrigerant Reclaim Tanks

Be Aware of Counterfeit Refrigerant Reclaim Tanks

by HVAC Distributors

Be alert, as counterfeit refrigerant reclaim tanks have entered the market. These tanks do not comply with safety regulations and pose a safety risk to those handling them.

What to Look For:

  • These illegal cylinders have been marketed under the following names (and may be sold under other branding): Olenyer, Fahkns, Vevor
  • Proper cylinder sizes for a tank should be 30 and 50 lbs. The counterfeit cylinders are sizing smaller than DOT-compliant 30lb and 50lb cylinders.
  • They do not comply with the US Department of Transportation (DOT) specifications:
    • DOT Markings are missing from steel collar.
      • No date of manufacturer.
      • No serial number.
  • Inadequate protection from the steel collar.
      • Valve outside collar.
      • Protective collar shorter than vapor and liquid valve.


If You Come Across a Counterfeit Tank:

  • Do not use the counterfeit tank for any job. These cylinders are illegal and unsafe.
  • Do not purchase these illegal cylinders. We cannot take the refrigerant because it does not comply with DOT regulations and poses a safety risk.

If you have questions regarding counterfeit refrigerant reclaim tanks, contact your local branch.

For more information on non-compliant recovery cylinders, read the Hudson Technologies notice.