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Bluetooth® Not Available on Certain AVPTC Air Handlers

Bluetooth® Not Available on Certain AVPTC Air Handlers

by HVAC Distributors

Goodman has released Service Bulletin G-GN-OT-2292 in reference to Bluetooth® functionality on select AVPTC Air Handlers.

From Goodman:

Due to continued supply constraints, a limited production of AVPTC37C and AVPTC61D air handler models will not have Bluetooth® functionality. This was necessary to meet the high demand of our residential products. Please note that this does not affect other aspects of ComfortBridge
functionality, including pairing with any 24V thermostat.

Please see the below list for SKUs affected. There will be no changes to revision, warranty, or rating. The production of non-Bluetooth models is restricted to only models with serial numbers beginning with “2205.”

  • AVPTC37C14B*
  • AVPTC61D14B*

This does not affect the functionality of the equipment, just the setup via the CoolCloud app over Bluetooth. The unit can still be set up by utilizing the onboard buttons and LED screen.

If you have questions about this bulletin, HVAC Distributors customers can reach out to our Technical Support department at 800.228.4822 x5.