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Broad Ocean DM3 Motor Controllers

Broad Ocean DM3 Motor Controllers

by HVAC Distributors

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SA-032 Rev.1 regarding Broad Ocean DM3 Motor Controllers.

From Goodman:

Analysis of returned motors has shown that most replacements are the result of failures in the motor controller and not the motor body. As a result, we are releasing the controllers and controllerless motors separately through service parts.

As inventory is consumed of complete motor assemblies all Broad Ocean DM3 motors will sub to programmed controllers and the motor assemblies will no longer be available. New parts catalogs will list the controller and controllerless motor as separate parts. In older parts catalogs the existing Broad Ocean motor will be substituted to the appropriate controller. Refer to the parts catalog for the controllerless motor on the rare occasion one is required.


REV. 1:

The 5-pin PCB has been removed from the original DM3 controller and replaced with electronics below the controller “potting” material (see Image 1). The 5-pin connector from the motor is no longer utilized. A dummy plug is left in place to accommodate the connector and keep the wires organized (see Image 2). The motor and controller come by removing the 2 screws from the bottom. The motor to controller connections are a 3-pin plug and a 5-pin plug. On the controllerless motor replacement, the 5-pin plug snaps in to a dummy plug located on the controller (see Image 3).

Refer to the product service manual for diagnostic and replacement procedures.

Broad Ocean DM3 Motor Old and New Controllers

If you have questions about this bulletin, HVAC Distributors customers can reach out to our Technical Support department at 800.228.4822 x5.