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CAPFA Cased Coil Lineup Expands To 3 Tons

CAPFA Cased Coil Lineup Expands To 3 Tons

by HVAC Distributors

Goodman has announced an expansion to the CAPFA cased coil lineup, known as the AlumaFin7. In addition to the 1.5 ton coils that were launched in 2018, the coils now range up to 3 tons.
The CAPFA has a number of changes from the original CAPF coil:

  • Coil tube is reduced from 3/8” to 7mm
  • Fin shape is redesigned to provide enhanced heat transfer efficiency
  • Hydrophilic fins to minimize static pressure due to condensate build up
  • Triangle plate on coil thickened to improve structural integrity and air seal
  • Case has a one-piece access panel for better air seal
  • Piston (Flowrator) is mounted on the access panel for easier serviceability
  • Sloped drain surface to provide improved condensate management
  • Stiffer drain pan rail to reduce shifting of coil during handling

The result of these changes is a more efficient coil with better drainage, easier serviceability, and in some cases, shorter height.

Like the CAPF, the CAPFA is an aluminum fin coil and comes with a 10-Year Warranty (registration required).

The part numbers for the new coils are shown in the table below.

Nominal CapacityProduct IDModel #Cabinet WidthCabinet Height
1.5 Tons463251CAPFA1818A14” (A)18"
463252CAPFA1818B17-1/2” (B)18"
465214CAPFA1818C21” (C)18"
2 Tons465215CAPFA2418A14” (A)18"
465216CAPFA2418B17-1/2” (B)18"
465217CAPFA2418C21” (C)18"
465218CAPFA2422B17-1/2” (B)22"
465219CAPFA2422C21” (C)22"
2.5 Tons465220CAPFA3022B17-1/2” (B)22"
465221CAPFA3022C21” (C)22"
465222CAPFA3022D24-1/2” (D)22"
3 Tons465223CAPFA3626B17-1/2” (B)26"
465224CAPFA3626C21” (C)26"
465225CAPFA3626D24-1/2” (D)26"

Select CAPFA cased coils are now available at any of our HVAC Distributors locations and can be ordered by phone or through Web Order Entry.