Contractor Feedback Improves Honeywell Actuator Design on Dampers

Contractor Feedback Improves Honeywell Actuator Design on Dampers

by HVAC Distributors

Based on contractor feedback, Honeywell zoning dampers now come pre-installed with its improved actuator design. These new dampers, the TrueZONE™ series, are available at all HVAC Distributors locations, by phone order, and for order through Web Order Entry.

Honeywell actuator old and new design comparison

Comparison of old & new Honeywell actuator designs

The new actuator design improves the accuracy of the range stop setting, improves the ability to troubleshoot the actuator, simplifies the installation of a damper in an insulated setting, and increases the durability of the actuator’s interior components.

Read more for the specific updates to the actuator design and a note from HVAC Tech Service on retrofitting existing Honeywell dampers with the improved actuator to simplify troubleshooting and reduce callbacks.

  1. The design uses alligator eyes to visually display whether the unit is closed or open. In a 2-wire configuration, a red LED will light if the unit is closed. In a 3-wire configuration, a red LED indicates that the unit is closed and a green LED indicates that the unit is in an open position.
  2. The TrueZONE actuator has an all metal gear (no more plastic pieces), reduced friction return spring and an air brake for return to improve the performance of the product.
  3. The updated actuator design has a clear window to show which of the stop positions the actuator is set to.
  4. There are 4 stop positions so you know exactly which setting the damper is using: Closed, 1 (~17% bleed), 2 (~30% bleed), 3 (~50% bleed).
  5. The set screw has been shortened so it doesn’t snag on insulation.
  6. The actuator now has a taping flange for attaching insulated flex.

A note from HVAC Distributors’ Tech Service:

First,  the new actuator is available as a stand-alone purchase that can be installed on Honeywell dampers to replace the prior version of the actuator. The TrueZone actuator comes with an Allen wrench to make the replacement.

Second, If you’re using the TrueZone actuator as a replacement on a damper that has been configured as “Normally Closed,” the actuator will work, but the visual indicator will be reversed (ie indicator will show open when the damper is closed).