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Daikin Adds BRC51D61 Wall-Mount Controller

Daikin Adds BRC51D61 Wall-Mount Controller

by HVAC Distributors

Daikin is adding to the existing roster of mini-split controls with the new BRC51D61 wired wall-mount controller. This is a basic controller for use with the below price point mini-split systems:

  • 17 Series Single Zone
  • 19 Series Single Zone
  • ENTRA Series Single Zone
  • OTERRA Series Single Zone
  • CIRRA Series 2-Zone

This is a wall-mount version of the wireless controller that comes in the box with the indoor unit (for those who are looking for a control on the wall, instead a remote control option). This controller requires a proprietary cable to connect to the indoor unit, which is included.  It is NOT a thermostat, and does NOT have a thermistor in it, so temperature is still sensed in the indoor unit.


  • Selectable auto/cool/heat/dry/fan operation modes with adjustable setpoint and fan speed.
  • Temperature is controlled through the temperature sensor in the wall-mount indoor unit.
  • Built in weekly ON/OFF timer functionality with up to two ON/OFF cycles per day.
  • Can be used together with the factory supplied standard wireless remote controller.
    • The system will follow the last command provided by either the handheld remote or BRC51D61.
  • Room temperature display available via jumper. The temperature displayed is the return air temp at the indoor unit.

What’s in the Box:

The box includes the wired remote controller, a 32 ft. connecting cable, and mounting screws.