Daikin Releases New SplitXpress Selection Tool

Daikin Releases New SplitXpress Selection Tool

by HVAC Distributors

SplitXpress selection tool and app logo

Daikin has announced the release of the new SplitXpress selection tool and app.  SplitXpress offers users the ability to quickly create equipment selections for the full range of single-zone, multi-zone, and SkyAir product lines.  Once a SplitXpress project is complete, direct integration into Daikin City allows users with access to easily import a project material list directly into a Daikin City project.

SplitXpress is being launched simultaneously on all devices and supports cross-platform use of project files. This means that all projects created on the web app are also accessible via Android, iOS, and vice versa. SplitXpress supports single-sign-on with a Daikin City account.  There is no separate account registration required to access the app.

Key Features

  • Select single-zone, multi-zone, and SkyAir products with ease
  • The mobile app allows for quick on-the-go selections
  • The web app is ideal for engineers and contractors making selections for larger projects or combining with other Daikin products on the same project
  • Calculates indoor unit and system capacity according to design conditions and piping lengths
  • Validates design piping lengths and height limits
  • Calculates additional refrigerant charge
  • Easily select accessories compatible with the indoor and outdoor units
  • The web app can be used to add the project material list to a Daikin City quote
  • Contractors can add labor rates, estimated labor hours, and project pricing into a project quote directly on the mobile app and send it to the customer immediately

Accessing the Tool

Access to SplitXpress requires a Daikin City account that has SplitXpress access permission.  Currently, all existing Daikin City users that have access to single-zone and multi-zone will be automatically granted access to SplitXpress. New Daikin City users will be granted access by their managing Daikin City super-user.

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