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Daikin Releases New 19 Series Cooling Only Wall-Mounted Single-Zone Systems

Daikin has launched  the new 19 Series cooling only wall-mounted single-zone systems. The launch consists of both new indoor and outdoor models available in four sizes ranging from 9,000 to 24,000 BTU. The new 19 Series provides a modern designed... Read More

Daikin Releases New SplitXpress Selection Tool

Daikin has announced the release of the new SplitXpress selection tool and app.  SplitXpress offers users the ability to quickly create equipment selections for the full range of single-zone, multi-zone, and SkyAir product lines.  Once a SplitXpress project is complete,... Read More

New Larger Capacity Daikin AURORA Single-Zone Systems

Daikin has announced the launch of new, larger capacity AURORA single-zone systems. This launch includes 18,000 and 24,000 BTU wall mount systems and 12,000, 18,000 and 24,000 BTU systems using the existing FDMQ ducted concealed indoor unit. Daikin AURORA Systems... Read More

New Daikin Marketing Toolkit for 3D Contractors

Daikin has announced the release of a new Marketing Toolkit for 3D contractors, promoting single and multi-zone systems. This Toolkit will help dealers easily locate and navigate through the marketing materials available from Daikin Marketing. The Marketing Toolkit is a... Read More

HVAC Distributors Participating in emPOWER Maryland Rebates for BGE, Pepco & Delmarva Power

HVAC Distributors is participating in the emPOWER Maryland rebates for Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE), Potomac Electric Power Company (Pepco) and Delmarva Power & Light Company (Delmarva Power). The contractor rebates are available on select ductless products. Daikin Ductless products,... Read More

Daikin EMURA™ Now Available in Single Zone

Daikin has introduced an updated version of the EMURA™ unit, which now works in both single-zone and multi-zone applications.  Daikin EMURA units, available in silver or matte white,  are designed to offer a sophisticated solutions for contemporary interiors and to satisfy... Read More