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Daikin VRV Now Available through HVAC Commercial Solutions

Daikin VRV Now Available through HVAC Commercial Solutions

by HVAC Distributors

HVAC Commercial Solutions is now a certified Daikin VRV resource for Design/Build projects in Central and Eastern PA.

How do I get started with VRV?

Daikin VRV is available for Daikin VRV Pro Contractors. To become a Daikin VRV Pro Contractor, your first step is to complete Daikin VRV training and execute a Daikin VRV Pro Agreement.

Benefits of Being a Daikin VRV Pro

  • Daikin VRV leads from Daikin dealer locator
  • Online technical support
  • Discounts with many Daikin VRV Pro preferred vendors*
  • ASHRAE, PHCC, or ACCA membership reimbursement**
  • NATE testing discounts
  • GM Vehicle Discounts
  • Business building accrual funds
* Discounts vary by vendor. Inquire with the preferred vendor for specific discounts.
** Up to $1,000 can be claimed annually using the business building accrual funds

Contact us to get started with VRV.

What is Daikin VRV?

Average Daikin’s VRV products System Performance

Source: Daikin, 2012

Daikin’s VRV products are variable refrigerant volume/variable refrigerant flow. The benefits of VRV over traditional unitary equipment are: variable performance (where the unit only runs enough for the requested operation, as shown in the graph to the right), which results in overall cost savings for the end user, the ability to respond to heat calls and cooling calls simultaneously in a commercial building, and less space required compared to traditional ducted unitary products.

The government commissioned a study on VRV/VRF, and the resulting research provided potential energy savings of VRV/VRF products compared to other conventional commercial HVAC equipment options.

Potential HVAC Only Energy Savings table

Source: Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems (Thorton & Wagner, 2012)