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Fieldpiece JL2 Transmitter Now Available at HVAC Distributors

Fieldpiece JL2 Transmitter Now Available at HVAC Distributors

by HVAC Distributors

Fieldpiece’s JL2 Transmitter Fieldpiece’s JL2 Transmitter and JobLink™ Appand JobLink™ App turn your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) into a time-saving tool in the field.

Using the Bluetooth® capabilities of your Apple device, you can use the wireless transmitter to:

  • View live measurements taken from Fieldpiece’s Wireless Digital Manifold or Wireless Dual In-Duct Psychrometer from almost anywhere on a job site;
  • Create an in-depth diagnostic report for job sites;
  • Share diagnostic information with your customer and the office;
  • Run through equipment-specific inspection sheets to ensure consistent evaluation of service calls;
  • And more

The JL2 transmitter, Wireless Digital Manifold and Wireless Dual In-Duct Psychrometer are available at HVAC Distributors branches and for order through Web Order Entry.

Read more for in-depth features of the JL2 product and JobLink app, including the benefits highlighted by HVAC Distributors’ Tech Service Team. Or, check out the product overview from Fieldpiece or the 5 minute YouTube video on how the JL2 and Job Link app work.


Measurements available through Job Link App

The JL2 Transmitter and JobLink have a lot of capabilities to offer contractors.

The key benefit for any on-site technician is the ability to connect tools wirelessly to your Apple device and read measurements from up to 100′ away from your tools (depending on the job site and construction materials, building interference may reduce this range).

The wireless connection saves time going back and forth between an outdoor unit and an indoor unit (perhaps located in a basement or attic), which saves labor cost while a technician troubleshoots a service call.

Additionally, results can be emailed to your office for review and service manager troubleshooting or to the customer to add credibility to your repair diagnosis.