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Geothermal is the Right Move for HVAC Contractors

Geothermal is the Right Move for HVAC Contractors

by HVAC Distributors

As consumers decrease their carbon footprint, offering geothermal to homeowners has become increasingly beneficial to HVAC contractors. While there might be a learning curve for contractors to become familiar with geothermal technology and installation processes, the long-term benefits outweigh the initial investment. By offering geothermal systems, contractors can position themselves as leaders in sustainable and efficient home comfort solutions, attracting a new wave of eco-conscious clientele.

Why a Homeowner Should Make the Switch

  • According to the US Department of Energy, the typical American family spends at least $2,000 a year on home electric bills (Why Energy Efficiency Matters, n.d.).
  • Heating, cooling, and hot water costs combined make up over 70% of the typical electric bill. Installing energy-efficient HVAC systems, like a ClimateMaster® geothermal system, is one of the smartest home improvement investments a homeowner can make to lower monthly energy bills.
  • With a useful life of 25 years, homeowners who choose geothermal enjoy lower utility bills and continued savings.

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are trending and ClimateMaster is the most trusted name in the market.  So whether your customers are interested in reducing their carbon footprint or lowering their monthly utility bills, ClimateMaster has a solution that will work for any home.  Some of their award-winning solutions include:

Trilogy 45 Q-Mode (QE) Benefits

  • The Trilogy 45 System runs at lower speeds for longer periods, maintaining constant comfort. Using less energy as a result of not constantly turning off and on.
  • iGate two-way and Wi-Fi communication allows remote system control and diagnostics.
  • Provides sustainable efficiency with clean, renewable energy from the earth to heat and cool the home.
  • This system is designed to operate slowly and consistently for peak efficiency and peak savings. On an extremely hot or cold day, the Trilogy 45 speeds up and delivers full comfort, regardless of the outdoor air temperature.

Tranquility® Digital Split System Benefits

  • The Tranquility Split Systems line (TES, TEP, and TAH, TAC) provides you with a perfect solution when it’s time to replace your current gas furnace or air source heat pump.
  • Provides the widest variety of installation options with the two piece design being ideal for remote applications like 2nd floor, crawl spaces and attics.
  • iGate two-way communication continuously monitors and controls the system for reliability and long life.

Homeowners Save More with Geothermal


Along with the cost efficiency, geothermal homeowners can receive a 30% tax credit on the installation of new geothermal systems by taking advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act legislation passed in August of 2022. IRS Form 5695 can be used to claim the Residential Energy Credit. Links to the relevant reference documents are below.

The geothermal HVAC market is expanding, estimated at $9.5 billion in 2022 and projected to grow by 7.5% by 2029 (Precision Business Insights, 2023). By offering geothermal systems, contractors can position themselves at the forefront of this trend and gain a competitive edge over businesses that don’t.  Overall, offering geothermal systems can be a strategic move for contractors who want to expand their service offerings, attract new customers, and position themselves as leaders in sustainable building practices.

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