Getting Ready For New A2L Refrigerants

Getting Ready For New A2L Refrigerants

by HVAC Distributors

The transition from R-410A to the new A2L refrigerants (R-32 and R-454B) will officially happen on January 1, 2025, and equipment that uses A2Ls is already on the market.

There are two things a contractor needs to do to prepare:

  1. Make sure techs are certified on R-32 so proper equipment may be used.
  2. Make sure techs have the right tools to work with A2Ls.

Getting Certified:

  • If a tech has an EPA 608 certification, they are grandfathered in to be able to purchase A2L refrigerants.
  • In order to purchase A2L equipment, a tech must to go through the A2L certification class.
  • Daikin offers an online class available through Daikin University, which can be done at the tech’s convenience and takes about 45 minutes.
    • Login to to Daikin City to access Daikin University.
      • Click on “Training Center,” then “Launch.”
      • It will ask for a license. This is only required for individuals that work in Texas.
      • Click “Continue” to go past it.
      • It will ask if you want to continue without putting in a license. Click “Yes.”
      • In the Search Window, enter “R-32” (be sure to include the hyphen).
      • Two courses will appear.
      • Pick the Online Class labeled “CC-9 R-32 Refrigerant.”
      • Take the course.
  • HVAC Distributors also offers a live webinar monthly. Register here.

Getting the Right Tools:

Most refrigeration tools work just fine with all refrigerants (vacuum gauges, lineset benders, flaring and swaging tools, etc.), however, the following tools may have a compatibility issue:

  • Refrigerant Recovery Machines
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Manifolds
  • Refrigerant Leak Detectors

Contractors should take inventory of the tools they already have and consider upgrading to an A2L compatible tool where necessary.  HVAC Distributors stocks a variety of compatible tools that will help you stay up to date. Learn more about getting the right tools for A2L Refrigerant here.