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Goodman Product Labels Help Contractors Meet DOE Requirements

Goodman Product Labels Help Contractors Meet DOE Requirements

by HVAC Distributors

Air conditioner installation regional standarts

Starting July 1, 2016, the Department of Energy may begin to seek penalties for violations of regional standards related to air conditioner installation.

As a contractor, it’s important to understand key aspects of the regulation to help you avoid penalties:

  1. Compliance is based on the address where the unit is installed. The type of equipment that you can install has nothing to do with where your business is located or where you purchased equipment. This is important for contractors with businesses on the border of compliance regions and/or contractors who may permit personal equipment installations by employees for friends/family.
  2. Goodman and Amana equipment FTC Energy Guide labels include guidance on where a product may be installed. If a product is restricted, the label will include a map of the United States and a statement “INSTALLATION PROHIBITED IN…”, followed by the geographic locations where the equipment cannot be installed.

Goodman has a 30-minute webinar on regional standards, as well as other resources related to the regional standards changes, available at