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HVAC Distributors Now Stocking Zoomlock™ Braze-Free Fittings

HVAC Distributors Now Stocking Zoomlock™ Braze-Free Fittings

by HVAC Distributors

Connecting copper tubes just got a whole lot easier and more efficient with the
ZoomLock™ line of braze-free refrigerant line fittings
from Parker. Specially designed to work without brazing, these one-piece fittings are reliably secure, leak-proof, and more repeatable than brazed connections.  Best of all, they can be connected by one person, saving you time and money.

See Zoomlock in Action!

ZoomLock™ Benefits

  • Less equipment needed. No tanks, no torches, no solder to run out of, no open-flame safety equipment – just the battery-powered compression tool.
  • No brazing means no fire hazard.
  • No brazing means no hot work permits required, no extra fire watcher labor cost.
  • No solder-related quality issues.
  • Easier to install in tight spaces.
  • No need to nitrogen-purge.
  • Makes for a much faster installation. The bigger the job, the more the labor savings.Zoomlock™ Braze-Free Fittings

HVAC will be stocking a full line of fittings and tools, including couplings (regular, slip), elbows, tees, reducers, caps, flare fittings, and compression tools and jaws.

ZoomLock™ fittings can be ordered at any of our HVAC Distributors locations, by phone or through Web Order Entry.

Questions about ZoomLock? Click here for FAQ on the kits, the longevity of the parts and more. Or, ask your Account Manager for a product demonstration.