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HVAC Distributors Stocking R-22 Successor Refrigerant R-422B

HVAC Distributors Stocking R-22 Successor Refrigerant R-422B

by HVAC Distributors

HVAC Distributors is now stocking R-422B refrigerant for use in R-22 systems.  Historically we have not stocked a replacement for R-22 because the use of non-R-22 refrigerant in a Goodman or Amana system voids the 10-Year warranty (or 5-Year in the case of the dry-charge R-22 units).  Two things have changed:

  1. Almost all R-22 systems are now over 10 years old, so the warranty is no longer a concern.
  2. R-22 availability has dropped significantly due to a number of factors, so we are bringing in a replacement, R-422B.

R-422B Advantages:

  • Replaces R-22 and other refrigerants without oil change and in most cases no equipment modification
  • No oil change required – compatible with mineral, AP, and POE oil
  • Class A1 (non-flammable) in the ASHRAE classification system
  • Pressure and temperature characteristics are nearly identical to R-22
  • EPA SNAP Approved
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Special Considerations When Using R-422B:

  • R-422B cannot be mixed with R-22.
    • If there is still R-22 in the system, it must be entirely recovered before putting the R-422B in.
  • The system must be flushed after recovering the R-22, before putting in the R-422B.
  • R-22 and R-422B cannot be mixed in a reclaim tank.
    • This will result in the customer credit dropping significantly, possibly to zero.
    • Once mixed with R-422B, the R-22 can’t be separated out for re-use, reducing the amount of R-22 available for later work.

Keep in mind that all handling precautions are the same as the other refrigerants we stock and like R-410a, large orders are subject to limits as to how many we can put on a transfer truck.  We plan to continue to stock R-22 if and when it becomes available.

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