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New ClimateMaster Product Improvements

New ClimateMaster Product Improvements

by HVAC Distributors

ClimateMaster has announced two updates to its’ geothermal product offering.

Update #1: Improved Cabinet Dimensions for Tranquility® 22 Digital (TZ)

The Tranquility® 22 Digital (TZ) is optimized for space limited applications and offers a good balance between price and efficiency. This makes it ideal for new home construction AND replacement/retrofit applications. Beginning this month, the TZ product will build on this “dimensional leadership” with reduced cabinet sizes on this popular product.

Cabinet Dimensions for Tranquility® 22 Digital size reduction

While establishing these dimensional improvements, ClimateMaster took advantage of an opportunity to create consistency across the product lines, with the design of stainless-steel condensate connections that will ALL become Male Pipe Thread (MPT) across the balance of the product line later this year. To create consistency across the lines, the model numbers (specifically digit 13) will be changing.

Model numbers old and new changes

Update #2:  New Corrosion Resistant Drain Pans to Replace Painted Galvanized Design

The new corrosion-resistant polymer condensate drain pans will be available on commercial TC, TR, TY, & TZ series products. Polymer drain pans offer superior performance above traditional painted galvanized drain pans which can rust over time. The material chosen for the new drain pan has been designed to withstand the rigors of the application and has endured rigorous qualification testing.  The glass impregnated polymer drain pans are impervious to POE Oil (the oil used in R410A), so if a drop or two were to land on the pan, the life expectancy of the product will not be prematurely impacted.

As the improved polymer drain pans are phased in, some legacy options will no longer be available.  Effective July 8, 2021, polymer drain pans will replace the painted galvanized design as the new standard for the commercial TC, TR, TY, & TZ series product lines.

  • ClimateMaster will no longer offer the painted drain pan option
  • Stainless steel drain pans will remain a premium option
  • These changes do not impact the TC Large series product line (sizes 72-300) which will still have the painted galvanized DP as standard, along with a Stainless-Steel premium option.

To support the integration of polymer drain pan technology into our products, design modifications were necessary.  A comprehensive list of the changes is available in the June 4, 2021 product announcement. Click here to access a copy from the e-News Archives on the business center.

HVAC Distributors will be doing a ship-to-completion transition and will begin shipping the new models when the current inventory is depleted.

ClimateMaster Residential and Commercial products are available at any of our Pennsylvania and New York locations.  Interested in becoming a ClimateMaster dealer?  Contact your local branch for more information.