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New Daikin 5-Ton Gas/Electric and Air Conditioner Rooftop Units

New Daikin 5-Ton Gas/Electric and Air Conditioner Rooftop Units

by HVAC Distributors

Daikin has announced the release of the first “January 2023 Compliant” standard efficiency package units, the DF Series, beginning the replacement of the DB Series. This launch includes:

  • DFG060 5 Ton Gas/Electric
  • DFC060 5 Ton Cooling Only

The new 5-Ton gas/electric and air conditioner 1- phase Rooftop Units (RTU) meet the new Department of Energy (DOE) minimum efficiency requirements established for 2023. The new DFG/DFC 5-ton RTUs will replace the previous DBG/DBC 5- ton RTUs and will be manufactured at Daikin Texas Technology Park (DTTP).

Design Changes:

  • Outdoor coil reengineered from 5mm to microchannel coil
  • Indoor blower motor reengineered from belt drive to direct drive

Factory Installed Option: Corrosion-Resistant Coil Coating

Daikin has announced E-coat of the microchannel coil as a factory installed option for the DFG/DFC 5-ton models, available for selection using the LCXpress tool program.

  • Double coating is a coating treatment of TCP coating + E-coating + UV topcoat
  • Color of both E-coat and UV topcoat layer is black
  • Double coating is tested against ASTM G85 A3 test condition

Inventory of previous DBG/DBC 5-ton models will be shipped to depletion and discontinued after inventory depletion.  A cross-reference list of previous and new model numbers are provided below. Detailed technical information is available in the product specification documents under Resources.

DBG/DBC 5-Ton Gas Electric previous and new model numbers

DBG/DBC 5-Ton Air Conditioner previous and new model numbers