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New Daikin Atmosphera Series Single Zone Heat Pump

New Daikin Atmosphera Series Single Zone Heat Pump

by HVAC Distributors

Effective January 1, 2023 in New York and January 2, 2023 in Pennsylvania, systems using A2L refrigerants will be legal to install. To meet this demand, HVAC Distributors will be stocking the Daikin Atmosphera Single Zone Heat Pump.

Like the LV Series, Atmosphera has these same features:Daikin ATMOSPHERA Wall Mount | Daikin AC

  • Intelligent Eye sensor detects presence and location of room occupants
  • 3-D Airflow that automatically directs the air away from occupants
  • Econo Mode that puts the system in sleep mode if the room is empty for an extended period
  • Powerful Operation (aka “Blast”) that brings a room more quickly to the desired temperature after being in sleep mode
  • 12 Year Parts Warranty (registration required)

Atmosphera has a number of updates and upgrades, including:

  • Built in Wi-Fi eliminates the need for an external Wi-Fi Adaptor Atmosphera Product Details
  • Up to 27.6 SEER rating
  • Heating capacity at low ambient temperatures makes this a cold-climate-suitable system
  • In addition to heating and cooling modes, it also has a Dry mode, where the primary function is dehumidification
  • A field-removable drain pan makes periodic maintenance easier and faster
  • Comes pre charged with more refrigerant (49.2 feet), reducing the need to add refrigerant in the field for faster installations
  • Uses R-32 refrigerant, not R410a. Though R-32 has been in use for years on tens of thousands of systems outside the US, this is the first Daikin mini-split system in the US to use R-32.
  • Daikin is requiring that a dealer who wants to purchase Atmosphera must first take the A2L/R-32 certification course on Daikin University (see R-32 Training Requirement below).

Special Tools for R-32

Most refrigerant tools work across all refrigerants, but there are three where the contractor will need to be sure they have A2L-compatible tools.

R-32 Training Requirement

Daikin requires that contractors who want to purchase R-32 systems complete a short online course on A2L / R-32 refrigerants.

To take the course:

  • An individual will need to have a Daikin City account.
  • The course is short (less than 45 minutes) and can be taken at the convenience of the user.
  • Users do NOT need to sign up in advance. It is short, easy, and on-demand.

To find the course:

  • Log in to Daikin City (if you do not have a Daikin City account, click here for registration instructions).
  • Click on “Training Center,” then “Launch”.
  • It will ask for a license. This is only required for individuals that work in Texas. Click “Continue” to go past it. It will ask if you want to continue without putting in a license. Click “Yes.”
  • In the search window, enter “R-32” (be sure to include the hyphen).
  • Two courses will appear.
  • Pick the Online Class labeled “CC-9 R-32 Refrigerant”.
  • Take the course.

Once the individual passes the course, Daikin City will save it and issue a certificate.  Provide this certificate to HVAC Distributors ( to add to your customer account.

Additional Resources

Click here for the Product Brochure
Click here for an instructional video on R-32 installation & charging