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New Daikin ENTRA Single Zone Mini-Split

New Daikin ENTRA Single Zone Mini-Split

by HVAC Distributors

As part of their ongoing updating of the mini-split line to conform to SEER2 requirements, Daikin is introducing the new ENTRA Series of single zone mini-splits, to replace the 17 Series.

Like the 17 Series, ENTRA has these same features:Daikin ENTRA

  • 10 Year Parts Warranty (registration required).
  • Optional 10 year labor warranties available:
    • DDO10L-NT (.460978) for the outdoor unit.
    • DDI10L-NT (.460977) for the indoor unit.
  • Available accessories include rain pan heaters, wind baffles, and rear coil guards.
  • This is still strictly a single-zone wall-mount system.

ENTRA has a number of updates and upgrades, including:

  • There is no cooling-only system anymore. The new ENTRA is only available as a heat pump.
  • Control options are expanded beyond the wireless control that comes in the box.
  • The efficiency is higher and is SEER2-rated. The old 17 Series was rated at 17 SEER, and the new ENTRA is rated at 18 SEER2.


There is NO forward-backward compatibility between the 17 Series and the ENTRA Series..  There is also no compatibility with other series. For example, the ENTRA indoor unit will not work with a multi-zone outdoor unit.


HVAC Distributors will continue to stock complete 17 Series systems, then change to ENTRA when inventory is depleted.

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