New Features On CAPFA and CAUFA A-Width Coils

New Features On CAPFA and CAUFA A-Width Coils

by HVAC Distributors

Goodman has announced some new features on all 17″ (A-width) CAPFA and CAUFA (7mm tube size) evaporator coil models.

The revised A-width models contain a newly designed drain pan that makes it easy to install with any Amana or Goodman brand furnace. The drain ports have been relocated from the left side to the right side, when facing the coil (Figure A). This offers the opportunity for flush-fit installations with all A-width furnaces without the need for Kit# 0121K00027. The kit will continue to be offered until kit stock is depleted.

All CAPFA and CAUFA models are currently designed with a lip on the front-top and rear-top of the drain pan. This lip is removable (Figure B) on the new revision A-width models for use in uncased installations.

These features can be found on the new revision A-width models as shown below.

Coil models with more than one width option and the same ratings and performance use an asterisk in the width position of the nomenclature in the AHRI Directory to reduce the number of ratings submitted and AHRI certified reference numbers. Therefore, to provide consistency within the model lines in the AHRI directory, there will be new revisions for the corresponding B-, C- and D- width models as well (shown below). The features for these models will be unchanged.

The new revision models are currently in production.  Once inventory of the existing models is depleted, automatic substitutions to new revisions will apply.

Ratings with the new revision CAPFA and CAUFA coils are visible in the AHRI directory. Please note that there are new AHRI certified reference numbers with the revision changes, however, the ratings and performance are not affected.