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New Goodman GSXM4 Condenser

New Goodman GSXM4 Condenser

by HVAC Distributors

As part of the continuing effort to get ready for the January 2023 efficiency upgrade, Goodman Manufacturing is introducing a new Goodman condenser, the GSXM4.

The GSXM4 is the Multi-Family “long lineset” condenser, and replaces SOME of the GSX14 models.

  • The GSX14 had odd-numbered and even-numbered versions of the same size.
    • Example: GSX14024 and GSX14025 were both 2-ton condensers.
  • The odd-numbered version was the long lineset model and featured a more powerful compressor multi-family buildings.
  • The even-numbered version was what was more commonly used.
  • Goodman has made the replacement long lineset version a different model number to eliminate the confusion.
  • Like the odd-numbered GSX14 models, it is only available in sizes 1.5 through 3 tons.
  • It is aimed at multi-family projects, where a single job generally involves a large quantity, and the job is put out to bid.

What’s Changed:

  • These meet the 2023 DOE energy standards.
  • Removable top grille is compliant with UL 60335-2-40.
  • The condenser coil on the 1.5-4 ton units is a 5mm copper tube with enhanced aluminum fins.
  • The venturi ring (the part that surrounds the fan blade) has been redesigned to enhance air flow.

What’s The Same:

  • Easy service access through four removable panels.
  • High and low pressure switches as standard.
  • High density foam compressor sound blanket.
  • High efficiency scroll compressor.
  • 1-speed PSC fan motor

AHRI Matches:

  • These will be rated to the new SEER2 ratings.
  • Goodman has just begun the process of releasing the AHRI ratings and we don’t expect to need them until September.
  • At this time some matches are available in the AHRI Directory.


New Goodman GSXM4 Condenser Nomenclature