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New Goodman GSXN3 Condensers

New Goodman GSXN3 Condensers

by HVAC Distributors

GSXN4As part of the transition to SEER2 equipment, Daikin Comfort Technologies is introducing the Goodman GSXN3 13.4 SEER2 condenser to replace the GSX13.  This is a direct one-to-one replacement.

How will the transition work?

To help our customers remain competitive, we have stocked up on the GSX13 and expect that to have enough of the GSX13 to take us into the Spring. We will start bringing in the new GSXN3 when we start to run down our inventory of the current GSX13 condensers.

The Regional Impact Of This Change

Sales of the GSX13 and the new GSXN3 are now limited to the DOE North Region (In HVAC Distributors’ footprint, this is Pennsylvania, New York, and West Virginia). Contractors in this region can continue to sell and install the GSX13 as long as it is available. Contractors in Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware will need to install the GSXN4. Refer to the “N” in position 6 of the model number of the GSXN3 for the region.

  • 0 = All Regions
  • S = Southeast and North Regions
  • N = North Region
TonsProduct IDOld Model #Product IDNew Model #

AHRI Ratings

Contractors in PA/NY/WV can continue to sell the GSX13 with the old ratings. The ratings in the AHRI Directory for the GSX13 may show the status as “Production Stopped”, but the rating is still valid. It just means that the manufacturer doesn’t make something in the rated system anymore.  Ratings for the new GSXN3 are available in the AHRI Directory, in the PartnerLink System Configurator, and in the “SEER2” price books we distribute to our customers.

Additional information on the GSXN3 is available here.