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New Quality Install Cloud Connected Commissioning

New Quality Install Cloud Connected Commissioning

by HVAC Distributors

Amana has announced the introduction of Quality Install, a powerful way for an Amana® brand contractor to commission Amana S-series systems and enhance the customer experience. Quality Install unleashes the capabilities of cloud connected HVAC equipment by enabling contractors to put the power of the Amana brand Cloud in the hands of their install teams.

With the Amana brand Cloud Services mobile app, you can:

  • Configure system settings for optimal system performance.
  • Calculate proper refrigerant trim charge.
  • Receive verification of system charge.
  • Generate an Amana® brand Cloud commissioning report.

Compatible Equipment:

Amana® Brand Cloud Services Mobile App

To gain access to Quality Install, download the Amana® brand cloud services mobile app. This app is available in the App Store and on Google Play.

  • Log in using your Amana® brand account credentials.
  • Connect to an Amana® brand smart thermostat.
  • Users will then be guided through a step-by-step process with instructions and guidance at each step of the commissioning process.

System Profiles

Quality Install further simplifies the commissioning process by introducing “System Profiles” which are saved records of thermostat settings and configurations (airflow, balance point, defrost interval, etc.) that can be applied to systems, from the Amana brand Cloud Services mobile app, with the click of a finger. Profiles are visible in Amana brand Cloud Services and are available to all users of the contractor’s organization. Current system settings can be viewed and edited quickly.

Climate Optimized Profiles

In addition to the ability to access the current system profile, “Climate Optimized Profiles*” may be available. “Climate Optimized Profiles” are pre-configurated for a specific climate zone where the thermostat settings have been configured to optimize system performance for the conditions found in that specific geographic area.

*”Climate Optimized Profiles” are not currently available for all climate zones. The initial roll-out includes 3 climate zones in the Southeastern United States (zones 2A, 3A and 4A). Additional climate zones will be added in the future.


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