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New Rinnai RX, RXP, CX, & CXP Tankless Water Heaters

New Rinnai RX, RXP, CX, & CXP Tankless Water Heaters

by HVAC Distributors

Rinnai is deeply committed to the US market and is improving their US tankless water heater line by introducing new condensing water heaters to replace the RU, RSC, and CU Series. Built for the PRO, by the PRO™, these products offer simplified installation, decreased setup time, and increased performance, efficiency, and sustainability.
Rinnai RE Series Tankless Water Heater

New Features:

  • No more LP Conversion Kits
    • During the setup, the technician simply communicates to the unit whether the fuel is LP or NG, and the unit self-adjusts.
    • No more return trips to get the forgotten LP kit.
    • No more supplying the wrong unit and then having to make corrections. One unit does both.
  • Bluetooth setup for faster, error-free setup.
  • Greater vent piping flexibility
    • More powerful vent fan allows longer vent runs, making it easier to find the appropriate piping routing. This is especially nice if you’re looking to only put one opening in a wall/foundation, and want to use concentric piping.
      • 75 equivalent feet with 2”/4” concentric
      • 150 equivalent feet with 3”/5” concentric or with 3” twin pipe
  • Field Recirc Convertible
    • The non-recirc models have SmartCirc™ programming in the boards, and there is a recirc pump kit that field installs in the unit.
    • This means that if the homeowner initially chooses non-recirc, but changes their mind later, it’s not a new unit. It’s just a field retrofit.
  • Quieter Recirc Operation
    • The recirc pump is now a 4-speed pump, and can be adjusted to lower speeds for shorter runs, making it quieter and more energy efficient.
  • Higher UEF (Uniform Energy Factor).
    • The new models have a higher UEF, at either 0.98 or 0.97.
    • The current federal tax credit credit requirement is 0.95 UEF. All RX and RXP units qualify and Rinnai is “future proofing” the rebate eligibility.


HVAC Distributors will continue to stock the old models, then transition to the new models when inventory is depleted.


Old Series

New Series

Residential Non-Recirculating Condensing



Residential Recirculating Condensing



Commercial Non-Recirculating Condensing



Commercial Recirculating Condensing


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