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New Safety Label Added To Amana/Goodman Gas Fired Products

New Safety Label Added To Amana/Goodman Gas Fired Products

by HVAC Distributors

Goodman has released Service Bulletin SA–034, giving notice of a new safety label being added to gas fired products.

From Goodman:

ATTENTION: New safety label added to our gas fired products (see below).

New safety label added to our gas fired productsGas-fired appliances (furnaces and package units) use several common safety devices to protect against continued operation when certain faults take place. If one or more of the safety devices open, the electrical circuit is broken, and the furnace control system shuts the gas burner off to eliminate potential hazards.

The primary limit is positioned in the airstream inside the unit. The secondary or auxiliary limit is located on the blower housing. Airflow issues, like a dirty filter or blower failure, are common reasons for a primary or auxiliary limit to open. The flame rollout switch is another common safety device positioned near the base of the gas burner manifold. The switch opens if the flame exits the designed burner compartment.

Gas-fired appliances (furnaces and package units) have other safety devices, such as induced draft and pressure switches. These safety switches prevent the combustion cycle from occurring with inadequate venting caused by a restricted or blocked vent pipe or a failed vent motor. Each pressure switch has been selected to close when the venting system is operating safely and to open when there is a problem with the venting system. Unless the gas-fired appliance is installed in a high-altitude application, DO NOT replace the pressure switch with one that closes at a lower negative pressure. This would be considered the same as bypassing a safety and can cause the furnace to operate unsafely.

Any field applied tool used to troubleshoot should NEVER be used to bypass safety components, left unattended, and should always be removed when service troubleshooting is completed.  Bypassing any safety device may have catastrophic results. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning products should be serviced by qualified service technicians who are familiar with the safety procedures required in the repair and who are equipped with the proper tools, parts, and testing instruments. Please adhere to the warnings and cautions located on equipment labels, in the installation manuals and service manuals for any HVAC product when installing, adjusting, servicing, and operating the HVAC product.

If you have questions about this bulletin, HVAC Distributors customers can reach out to our Technical Support department at 800.228.4822 x5.