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Now At HVAC Distributors: Rectorseal WBB300 Wall Bracket

Now At HVAC Distributors: Rectorseal WBB300 Wall Bracket

by HVAC Distributors

Rectorseal WBB300 mounting outdoor unitsAs your Partner for Success, we are always interested in finding products that make your job easier.

With ductless installation, this means: adjustable wall brackets for the ductless outdoor unit.

Instead of measuring and installing individual L-brackets, with the RectorSeal WBB300 you level and secure one crossbar, attach the L-brackets to the crossbar, then slide the brackets to hold your outdoor unit.

Other features include:

  • The L-brackets are designed to fit the anchor points of the base of almost any standard outdoor unitĀ (up to 300 pounds)
  • Each L-bracket foot has an individualĀ leveler to ensure perfect fit with every installation – no shimming required
  • The WBB300 comes with anti-vibration pads to reduce noise

The RectorSeal WBB300 is in stock at HVAC Distributors. Order through your local branch, call us at 800.228.4822 or purchase it through Web Order Entry.